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Meet Alex

Alex Villanueva

was born in Chicago, Illinois and graduated from High School in Puerto Rico.  After graduating he enlisted in the United States Air Force serving at Norton AFB in San Bernardino in 1983.

After his service in the USAF

Alex joined the Sheriff's Department in 1986, where he eventually met the love of his life, Vivian, in 1993 while working in East Los Angeles. 

A firm believer in education and a profile in perseverance, Alex started his college education in Puerto Rico, continued while on active duty in the Air Force, he then burned the midnight oil while working patrol, eventually earning an Associate of Arts, a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Public Administration, and culminating with a Doctor of Public Administration from the University of La Verne in 2005.

In addition to being a lawman

Alex has worn many hats over the years: airman, soldier, Non-Commissioned Officer, Commissioned Officer, teacher's aide, tutor, drill instructor, adjunct professor, founding president of an organization devoted to fighting corruption, patrol deputy, training officer, field supervisor, watch commander, and the first person to raise awareness of the pay to play schemes of the Baca/Tanaka administration.

As one of the first people to take a stand against the corrupt administration, Alex faced severe retaliation. Unwavering, he stood his ground, eventually bearing witness to the demise of a corrupt regime that did not serve the public's interest.

Villanueva was elected Los Angeles County Sheriff in 2018, where he led efforts to crack down on corruption and tackle the growing homeless crisis. 

As Sheriff

Alex implemented the body worn camera program for all patrol personnel, which resulted in a 31% drop in citizen complaints.  He turned a $101 million budget deficit into a $74 million surplus. And he did all that while enacting major reforms that made the LASD more effective, transparent, and accountable able to the residents of Los Ángeles County.

Family man

Always wishing to return to the rural lifestyle he enjoyed in his youth, Alex and Vivian settled in La Habra Heights in 2004, where they live to this day. Alex is the proud father of Jared, a US Army and Iraq War veteran, and he was blessed with two granddaughters, Chrissy, Sophia, and Brooklyn.


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