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Born and raised in Boyle Heights/ East L.A. and I've never seen it this bad . Please make it nice and safe again . Thank you — Gabriela Alvarez

As a recently retired CHP auto theft investigator and resident of the unincorporated area of Whittier, I’ve seen the area change for the worse! Janice Hahn, a career politician, has no ties to our area I once regarded as a quiet bedroom community. I support Sheriff Villanueva as District 4 Supervisor, because he has strong ties to our area and his vision to make our area safer, which will allow the local police and Sheriff’s Deputies do their jobs! — Caesar Arias

I salute former L.A. County Sheriff Villanueva. For his honesty, courage and commitment. To restoring the safety and quality of life of our communities. Along with transparency and accountability to our county government. The status quo is causing stagnation and decline. It's time for real honest leadership and lasting solutions. Viva Villanueva ! — Richard A. Camp

I endorse Alex Villanueva — Jennifer Campos

Thank you, Alex, for all you have been doing. Continue to fight for our district and go after rising crime and homelessness. Thank you for having our back, and I want to let you know that we have your back! — Jonathan Comfort

I wholeheartedly endorse Alex Villanueva for Los Angeles County Supervisor. His dedication to public service and commitment to improving our community are truly commendable. With his experience and vision, I believe he will be a strong advocate for positive change in our county. Vote for Alex Villanueva for a better Los Angeles County! — Ben Espinoza

Alex Viilanueva is the only person (in any position) who helped our neighborhood (Venice) when we were being terrorized by people living/dying hurting each other on Ocean front walk (the entire beach looked like skid row) during covid. The problem is not gone but w Mike Bonin out we do still have a chance. We need people who actually want to fix our homeless crisis not make it worse. (13 billion spent last year and the homeless problem is worse). He is honest. He will lead with authentic integrity. Vote. — Jennifer Everhart

Although I am not in your district, I fully support you running. I am hopeful you win. This would be a win for all LA County. — Yvonne Fraijo
Mgmt. Secretary for LAC Probation

We need a strong and passionate person such as Alex Villanueva for LA County supervisor. He has a proven track record of actually knowing the pulse of the community of Los Angeles. Alex has a stellar record in his former capacity and I and many members of the community fully endorse and support him for this position. He truly cares and wants what is best for Angelinos. Please contact me if you want further support in getting the masses to vote for him. Respectfully, Sheila Garcia — Sheila Garcia
community supporter

i endorse alex villanueva for supervisor — Kamran ghassemieh

My family and I, support you and have told all my friends and family members to vote for you. I would love to assist you and your campaign — Javier Hernandez

I absolutely, 100% endorse Mr. Alex Villanueva for Supervisor! — Randy Howell

My name is Amie Ichikawa. I am a life long resident of the Harbor Area. I am formerly incarcerated and a founding member of the non profit organization Woman II Woman that works directly with women in prison in the United States. I am an advocate for accountability in and out of prison and Los Angeles County is in dire need of some. Alex Villanueva will bring transparency, accountability and the much needed change our county needs to get back on track so we can collectively climb out of this hole that the current BOS has buried us in. I fully support Alex Villanueva for county supervisor. Thank you. — Amie Ichikawa

I had the pleasure of serving with Alex on the Planning Commission many years ago. He is the same as how he was back then. A straight shooter that is transparent and always do what he says he will do. Thank you for always serving the public and placing the public first. — Chester Jeng
School Board Trustee, Fullerton Joint Union High School District

I fully support and endorse Sheriff Villanueva for LA County Supervisor. It’s time to take out the current trash and get a qualified candidate to lead our city and county to safety. — Farah Kreutz

I watched Alex Villanueva as Sheriff of Los Angeles County be a voice for the citizens, stand up for his deputies, stand against crime and the liberal Los Angeles Count DA, and be undeterred as a voice against defunding law enforcement and other ridiculous ideas coming from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in a hostile political climate. The BOS had no regard for the impact their edicts would have on the very citizens they were representing. It is time for the citizens of LA County to have a voice and Alex Villaneuva is that voice. I will vote for someone who I respect and who has proven himself in his stand for the people. ELECT ALEX VILLANUEVA TO LOS ANGELES COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS! — Teresa LaFever

The Whittier Parent Alliance is pleased to announce its endorsement of Alex Villanueva for the Los Angeles Supervisors District 4. With more than four decades of community service, Villanueva is committed to bringing transparency to the county's governance and engaging with the community to effect positive change. His vision is to shake things up in Los Angeles County by promoting open and honest communication between the government and its citizens. — Monique Lopez
Founder of Whittier Parent Alliance

I need to speak to Alex not only for the election support by also to speak about a present issue that is affecting the community and the Sheriff Dept is unable to resolve. HUGO W MERIDA CHAIRMAN Los Angeles Metro Hispanicc chamber of Commerce Cel 1-213-500-5657 — HUGO W MERIDA

My hill is perfect with alot of exposure — Jack Ramirez

I am a lifelong resident of Los Angeles County who served as a public defender investigator for 15 years with the County of Orange. I also served as an adjunct professor of criminal justice at Azusa Pacific University for several years. As a County resident and criminal justice professional, I admire the contribution that Mr. Villanueva has made to County of Los Angeles. He has done more than any other Sheriff in recent history to fight crime, promote stability and order, and make Los Angeles County a safer place to live and work. As a board member, I am confident that Alex Villanueva will continue to fight for justice by pursuing policies that ensure a safer and more stable place to live for the residents of Los Angeles County. — Ralph Rocha

Even though I don't live in your district Sheriff Villanueva has my endorsement and support. — Jaime Ruelas
Public Safety Officer ,city of Los Angeles.

Alex is the right, most qualified Individual for County Supervisor. We need a change for a safer city. His dedication to his work is far beyond legendary service. — Edward Sanchez

I voted and supported Alex when he was our amazing Sheriff. He always remained transparent and I loved that! He was the first to sign the recall for George Gascon. He would support me whenever I wrote emails to the LA County Supervisors regarding their lies and dishonesty towards the LA County residents. He has the highest integrity of anyone I’ve ever voted for!! I support him 100% and can’t wait to cast my vote for him. Thank you Alex for being a true hero in our community. I live in the 4th district and I’m sick of Janice Haun!! God bless you and your family!! — Mike Schnabel

LA is no recognizable and it is not safe. Alex Villanueva has my full endorsement for county supervisor to help rid of corruption. — Jimmy Song

If you are an LA County taxpayer and care about your family, property, community and your safety- Vote Alex! The incumbent has proven herself an epic failure — Rebecca Stack
Angel Benavidez
Daniel Bishop
Jesse Blanpied
Taylor Brannigan
Ashley Brickell
Francis Carbajal
Jose Casillas
Toshi Crockett
Shannon Cunningham
Miguel Davila
Michael De Wolfe
Stacy Flanigan
Michael Griffy
April Iuli
Alma Jaime
mihran jamkozian
Zig Jiang
James Joseph
David Kean
trudi kendall
Christopher La Farge
Whittier Home Owner
Barbara Lugo
Custody Assistant
Jason Major
Arianna Malhiot
Bryan Malhiot
Thomas Malone
Daniel Martinez
Sally Moore
Patrick Morgan
Ronald Nakawatase
Gabor Nemeth
Susan Nicholson
Diana Ortega
Drew Pryor
Joshua Pulido
Selena Quirarte
erick ramirez
Melissa Reeves
Christina Repaci
Jennifer Revuelta
Mariana Reyes
Lisa Roberts
Jessica Mari Rogers
Robert Roman
Cynthia Salmeron
Rene Sanabria
Cristina Sandoval
LouMichael Santos
Sebastian Silvar
David Skalsky
Diana Trejo
Miguel Vargas
Julia Vasquez
Calvin Veith
Arturo Velasco
Mariana Villareal
Lori Viramontes
Isabel Vizcarra
Michael Wang
Amani Abou-Zamzam MBA
Samuel Aldama
Amy Allen
michael Baca
Firefighter Captain
Larry Calderon
Daniel Carranza
Racquel Delgado
Victoria Farrington
David Gallardo
Miguel Galvez
Yolanda Garcia
Gloria Gomez
Juan Gontes
Gladys Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez
Erendira Wilson

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